Our Leadership

Michelle Hunget - Artistic Director

Sweet Adelines is a place where women learn and thrive, and our Artistic Director is proof of that.  

Michelle began her barbershop journey at the age of 14, singing lead in her Clay Center (KS) High School quartet, A Pinch of Spice.  In 1986, she joined the KC Chorus after being “discovered” singing in church by another KC Chorus Sweet Adeline.  She has served on the Leadership Team, the Music Team and the Choreography Team; and she has been Tenor Section Leader, KC Front Row member and Young Women in Harmony Chorus Director.

At the Regional level, Michelle has sung in four championship quartets: Plaza Lights 1992-94; Fanfare 2001; Zing! 2002-05; and HEAT 2013 winning a total of 9 times!  She is currently the tenor of Journey Quartet, 2022 International Wildcard Qualifier.  At the International level, Michelle is a Queen of Harmony as tenor of the 2010 International Championship Quartet, Zing!  She served on the Coronet Club Board of Directors, is an Approved Candidate Judge in the Visual Communication Category, and is a Sweet Adelines International Master Chorus Director!  Michelle has won two CARA Awards (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Artist) for Best Barbershop Song and Best Barbershop Album, with HEAT.

Queen Michelle is also a Queen Mom!  Her daughter, Mary Duncan, is the baritone of ClassRing, 2019 International Championship Quartet.  Her husband, Grant, is a two-time CSD Quartet Champion and International Chorus Medalist with Central Standard Chorus.

Michelle has been a registered nurse for 35 years.  She currently works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Overland Park Regional Medical Center where she loves taking care of the babies who occasionally hear a lullaby or two!



Leadership Team

Liddy Miller - Team Coordinator (2023-2025)
Ginger Ruoff - Team Secretary (2024-2026)
Kris DeWeese - Financial Manager (2023-2025)
Sharon Sappenfield - Communications Coordinator (2024-2026)
Theresa Nash - Events Coordinator (2024-2026)
Carol Schumacher - Marketing Coordinator (2023-2025)
Kelsey Kessler - Membership Coordinator (2023-2025)
Malissa Walden - Competition Coordinator (2024-2026)
Katie Rawlins - Education Coordinator (2024-2026)
Rosemary Olas - Performance Coordinator (2023-2025)

Music Team

Michelle Hunget - Artistic Director
Heather Schouten - Associate Director / Asst. Baritone Section Leader
Kris DeWeese - Assistant Director
Rosemary Olas - Tenor Section Leader
Sooz Combs - Lead Section Leader
Amy Gardner - Asst. Lead Section Leader / Children's Choir Director
Kay Bromert - Baritone Section Leader
Mary Olson - Bass Section Leader
Susanna McBride - Visual Coordinator / Choreographer
Liddy Miller - Asst. Visual Coordinator / Asst. Choreographer